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Hypnosis Download: Anxiety & Panic Attacks

Serenity: anxiety no more

Dissolve the tight feeling in your chest and knot in your stomach– for good.

This recording takes you on an unhurried journey to a place of deep relaxation that you can visit again and again. A series of subconscious suggestions will help to address the root causes of the anxiety in your subconscious and:

  • create a safe harbour 

  • help you build safe coping mechanisms

  • and establish a positive and confident forward path.

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"Like a clock moving backwards, Janet took me back to the beginning, so we could find and identify the root of an issue. The experience was very real. Very impactful."

- Todd E.

" The relief lasted even after the session was completed. I felt more balanced, grounded and at peace with myself and what was going on in my world at the time-- a breakthrough! I would definitely do it again!"

- Anna C.

"Janet guided me on a very gentle profound journey, helping me to access a gift that had remained hidden in my subconscious. By recognizing it and bringing it to the forefront, I am now living my purpose and passion even deeper."

- Rayne J.

Maximizing the success of your hypnosis session:

You and I do the work together. Think of us as partners in your success, where we each have a job to do. I can’t do it alone. A one-on-one session or the downloadable recordings on this website represent my part in the transaction. Your part is having a willing and open spirit.

These recordings will work for you provided:

  • That you want the change to occur.

  • That you listen to the recordings repeatedly, until the new behaviour is fully entrenched.

Without both of those conditions being met, I guarantee nothing.


For more complex issues, an ‘in person’ session will be more effective because it can be tailored to a specific glitch or mental block.