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About Triumph Hypnosis

Compassionate and non-judgemental care

Since 2006, Janet has harnessed her natural warmth and empathy as a "people person" to help hundreds of clients in her practice. Her ability to listen & gain swift insight will help you to get to the root of any problem in short order. You'll feel truly heard. 

Experienced, informed and effective therapy

You wouldn't let just anyone tinker around in your brain re-wiring neural pathways willy-nilly! 


Janet's focus on neuroscience and psychology in her Master's degree means she understands the brain, how it's wired, and the mechanics of things like:

  • how trauma, mental health issues, & chronic pain can physically change the brain

  • how reversing the damage literally requires building new neural pathways

  • and how things as seemingly harmless as the exact phrasing of hypnotic suggestions (no matter how well-meaning!) can do much more harm than good if not done correctly

She uses that technical understanding while working collaboratively with you–you're always in the driver's seat!–so you can be confident you're getting the safest, most informed, and most effective care possible.

About Janet

My journey has taken me from teaching children in classrooms to working with seniors going through major life transitions and everything in between. The one constant has been helping people. I'm the kind of person people just... talk to. Complete strangers walk up to me on the street, in supermarkets, or on the subway, and share their life stories. It’s almost like they’re drawn to me as a safe harbour where they can let the dam crumble, allowing them to heal and move forward.

Janet Nahirniak B.Ed, M.Sc

Hypnotist, Master Hypnotist, Certified Hypnotherapist
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About Hypnotherapy
Sessions at Triumph

You will finish sessions feeling lighter & more hopeful and, in your day-to-day life, you'll notice you make progress more quickly than you'd ever thought possible.

What's the treatment plan like? How many sessions will I need?

To answer that, a note from Janet:

"Over the years, it has been my honour and privilege to meet and help people from all walks of life: teachers, financial planners, psychologists, CEOs, mortgage brokers, strategists, waitresses, lawyers, yard-workers and students (read some case studies here).


But it doesn't matter how many clients I work with, it holds true that ​each person and each session is unique!


There's no one-size-fits-all clinical hypnosis / hypnotherapy plan-- you & I work together to develop a personalized plan just for you. My practice includes both hypnosis and hypnotherapy and sessions may include any combination of the two depending on your circumstances and what would best serve your needs."


Get in touch today for a free consultation & to
start moving forward with a personalized treatment plan

or explore our guided meditation and self hypnosis downloads 

You can accomplish remarkable things-
with hypnosis you can triumph!

What makes Triumph different from standard therapy or even from other hypnotists?

Three things:

  1. Janet. You will immediately feel at ease and can be confident in her ability and desire to help (and here're some testimonials saying just that).

  2. Brevity. Traditional therapy can go on for years if not decades. With the right practitioner, hypnosis is much, much faster than traditional therapy. In Janet's words:

    "In my experience, most issues (when the client is truly committed), are resolved within a few appointments with some as quickly as in one session. Very complex or multi-layered issues will take additional sessions, but on the scale of weeks or months rather than years."

  3. It’s her job to help you feel better. Together, you'll quickly get to the root of the problem, fix or relieve it, and then get out so you can move forward. The ultimate goal is to have you move forward as a healthier, happier and more successful you.

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