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Frequently Asked Questions about Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy

What's the difference between Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis allows you to contact your inner, subconscious self, where suggestions or replacement triggers can be implanted to help you:

  • lose weight,

  • stop smoking

  • or become a more confident you (for example).

It’s quick and simple and if you repeatedly listen to the audio recording emailed to you after your session to reinforce the suggestions, hypnosis is very effective for straightforward hurdles.

By comparison, hypnotherapy uses advanced hypnosis to takes you back to the very root of a problem, so that the source of the issue can finally be identified and released. This allows you to move forward when you’re stuck or feel like you're "in it deep".
Hypnotherapy can free you from issues like:

  • shy bladder syndrome,

  • stuttering,

  • or it can take away the anguish from a traumatic experience or decrease pain (to name a few examples).

This technique is extremely effective when you don’t know why something is happening, because the process takes you back to the instant that a seed was first planted, when the behaviour began to take root, allowing you to see it from the very beginning and understand how a small thing could have matured into today’s big problem. Once the root is identified, it can be isolated, treated, released and replaced with something positive.

What can I expect in a hypnosis / hypnotherapy appointment?

You can expect that we will spend some time information gathering: talking a bit about your backgroundwhat the problem is, what brought you in, and what you're hoping to get out of the session.
The hypnosis / hypnotherapy session itself can be broken down into four main sections:

  1. Relaxation 
    During the first section,
    relaxation, we work together to help you set everything aside and relax so that you will get the most out of the session.


  2. Connection
    Once you are relaxed, we will connect your conscious and unconscious mind.


  3. Suggestion or Therapy
    Once the connection is made and the subconscious is open, we can plant suggestions or discover the roots of an issue, discuss why it's there and remove it. The experience can be quite different for everyone, where some 'go under' quite quickly and experience a very vivid session. Others, not so much.


  4. Conclusion

Interestingly, the depth of the trance has no bearing on the result. What everyone can expect is a heightened sense of awareness. You will be aware of everything at all times. Hyper-aware, in fact, and unless there's a very good reason to 'bury' a memory, you will remember everything that transpires.
You can expect to walk out feeling hopeful and better than when you came in, even if the issue isn't fully resolved and requires another appointment.

How long does a hypnosis / hypnotherapy session last?

  • The default booking duration is two hours. The session may wrap-up sooner. If additional time is needed, we'll book a subsequent appointment.


You can read more about what to expect and find some interesting case studies on my blog.

How many hypnosis / hypnotherapy sessions will I need?

How quickly you progress & whether it will require multiple sessions depends on a number of factors: 

  • How deeply ingrained is the issue?

  • How attached are you?

  • Is trust an issue?

  • How open are you to 'letting it go'?

  • Can we approach the problem directly, or do we have to come at it from different angles?

Other Frequently Asked Questions About Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy

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