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Free Guided Hypnosis Downloads

A Place of Relaxation - Online & Instant Download

This guided meditation self-hypnosis recording takes the listener on an unhurried journey to a place of deep relaxation–a comfortable place to which they may return, again and again.

Download your free self-hypnosis guide

In this downloadable PDF, you will find tips, tricks and a step by step guide to self hypnosis. When trying the technique for the first few times, here are a few things to keep in mind:

When you first try this, you may hear a great deal of chattering in your mind: Is this really happening? Shouldn't I be feeling something? What was that noise? What time is it in Copenhagen? I wonder if this really works.


This chatter is quite normal and to be expected for the first time or so. You may find it difficult to stop the chatter completely, so simply acknowledge it. Acknowledge each thought and then set it aside. If you try to ignore them, they may get louder or more insistent. Just a fleeting, “Oh, I see you” is sufficient and then re-focus on your breathing.

If your mind ever begins to wander. Stop. Take a breath and, again, return to your breathing. It's all about the breathing.


Again, this technique takes practice. Be patient with yourself. You’re learning to calm your mind at the same time that you’re learning to connect to your subconscious. That’s a lot of learning!

Practice makes perfect!  Each time will be better, faster and easier!

More Guided Downloads

No matter the issue, we're here to help you Triumph.


Through thousands of hours of successfully helping her clients to eliminate anxiety, get a good night's sleep, improve self-confidence and more, Janet has pinpointed the most common subconscious hurdles holding you back from the life you want.


Based on those insights, she's crafted targeted downloadable hypnosis sessions to quickly & effectively remove those hurdles.


Unlocking the life you want with the flexibility of an instant access download is just a click away!

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