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Hypnosis Download: Quit Smoking

Healthy Lungs & Smoke-Free

You're a click away from becoming a non-smoker for good

(and without the cravings and weight gain)!

The trouble is, you can have the intention to become a non-smoker, but your subconscious might be holding you back. Maybe you've tried everything before–the patch, the gum, cold turkey–with no success. This is why.


Ending this subconscious sabotage is the missing piece of the puzzle. 

This audio recording guides you to a place of deep relaxation, where, in a heightened state of awareness, you'll be given a series of suggestions and coping mechanisms that will:

  • address the subconscious root of the issue

  • quiet the habit's nagging

  • crush the desire to smoke

  • leave you with a feeling of healthy freedom

  • and give you back control!

Purchase and download the session mp3 to listen on-demand.

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Maximizing your success with a hypnosis download

You and I do the work together. Think of us as partners in your success, where we each have a job to do.

I can’t do it alone.


The downloadable hypnosis recordings on this website represent my part in the transaction.

Your part is having a willing and open spirit.

I guarantee these recordings will work for you if:

  • You truly want the change to occur.

  • You listen to the recordings repeatedly, until the new behaviour is fully entrenched.

For more complex issues, an ‘in person’ session will offer more support and can be more effective because it can be tailored to a specific glitch or mental block. Book an in-person session with me today.


"Like a clock moving backwards, Janet took me back to the beginning, so we could find and identify the root of an issue. The experience was very real. Very impactful."

- Todd E.

"The relief lasted even after the session was completed. I felt more balanced, grounded and at peace with myself and what was going on in my world at the time-- a breakthrough! I would definitely do it again!"

- Anna C.

"Janet guided me on a very gentle profound journey, helping me to access a gift that had remained hidden in my subconscious. By recognizing it and bringing it to the forefront, I am now living my purpose and passion even deeper."

- Rayne J.