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Hypnosis for Sleep: Easy Sleep, Deep Sleep

You're a click away from getting your best night's sleep 

Sleep better, deeper, faster and easier by eliminating the subconscious root cause of insomnia and poor sleep.

This clinical sleep hypnosis download takes you on an unhurried hypnotherapy journey to a place of deep relaxation, quieting negative thoughts and removing hurdles to getting deep, restorative sleep.

Did you know? Triumph also offers instant downloads like hypnosis for weight loss, quit smoking with hypnosisguided hypnotherapy for anxiety and more.

With this sleep hypnosis bedtime download you'll be guided to:

  • visualize your safe, comfortable, and tranquil mental space

  • relax, let go, and unwind

  • build positive sleep hygiene habits

  • fall asleep faster

  • and drift off quickly for a better sleep (easier, faster, deeper) each and every night.

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Insights from thousands of hours of successful clinical
condensed into one powerful 30-minute recording

In working with hundreds of clients over thousands of hours in her practice, Master Hypnotist, Janet Nahirniak, M.Sc., has uncovered key insights into the top subconscious hurdles to a good night's sleep.

In this download, she has distilled those insights into one powerful audio session that specifically targets and eliminates the hurdles to sleeping well. It's like a concentrated, no-filler, super-charged hypnosis session tailored to help you fall asleep and stay asleep the whole night through.

"One session gave me more results than traditional cognitive psychotherapy in a long run."

- Leva R.

"The results are still with me, and the insights I gained have made me a wiser man."

- Peter R.


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Sleep Easily, Sleep Well: Hypnosis for Insomnia


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Pulling from thousands of hours of successful clinical hypnosis, this Powerful Instant Download is custom-built so you can finally get to sleep and STAY asleep


Imagine: waking up fully rested! Download and get Instant Access to the guided hypnotic meditation mp3 to listen whenever you need it

Why use Hypnosis instead of YouTube?

  • Trustworthy Source: Sleep Easily, Sleep Well was crafted by Master Hypnotist, Janet Nahirniak, M.Sc., based on thousands of hours of successful work with clients; she has the training and experience to provide you real insomnia relief

  • No Ads, No Autoplay, No Stress: Once you've downloaded the session, that's it! You can play it on-demand and trust that nothing will disrupt the session. When queueing something up on YouTube, there's the stress of navigating intrusive ads and random videos autoplaying after and disrupting your rest

  • Great Value: Download once and listen any time you're fighting insomnia-- whether you're at home, or staying out of town with family or at a hotel

Image by Niloofar Farkhojasteh

The Research on Sleep Hypnotherapy & Sleep Disorders

In 2018, the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine investigated a body of published research to answer "how effective is hypnosis in sleep quality?". Their study concluded that hypnosis for sleep problems is a promising treatment with beneficial hypnosis effects on sleep 1.

Research has shown hypnotherapy for sleep to be incredibly beneficial. Studies into specific sleep disorders and hypnosis are currently limited, but there's a wealth of clinical studies investigating hypnotherapy as a means to improve sleep in those with specific health conditions.


Recent studies have shown hypnosis to be particularly helpful for improving sleep in menopausal women (a 2020 study showed a significant increase in minutes slept, and a significant reduction in poor sleep quality 2), and those with PTSD 3​.

1 Hypnosis intervention effects on sleep outcomes: a systematic review

2 Self-hypnosis for sleep disturbances in menopausal women

3 The effects of cognitive processing therapy + hypnosis on objective sleep quality in women with posttraumatic stress disorder.

Buy the single to get Instant Access to this hypnosis session & Unlock Your Well-Rested Life


Hypnosis for Insomnia


Audio format: MP3 | Compatibility: all devices (how to listen)

Frequently Asked  Questions

How does this downloadable guided meditation hypnosis work?

Hypnosis works by re-wiring your inner voice so you can take back control. You'll be guided into a receptive, hypnotic and meditative state, and will be given positive suggestions to combat the subconscious hurdles to quality sleep.

Simply find a quiet time and place (preferably last thing at night right at bedtime), close your eyes... and listen...and drift off to sleep. Once a day, ideally for 19 days.

How do I access the session file to download?

After purchase, you'll see a button to save the hypnosis MP3 to your computer immediately. You'll also get an email with the link to download. Find more details (including iPhone/Android instructions) on the FAQ page.

How do I maximize my success with this download?

To answer that, here's note from Janet:

"You and I do the work together. Think of us as partners in your success, where we each have a job to do. I can’t do it alone. Your part in your success is having a willing and open spirit.

These recordings will work for you:

  • If you truly want and welcome change, and

  • If you commit and listen to the recordings repeatedly until the new behaviour is fully rooted."

Feel confident in your 
Deep, restful, peaceful sleep

All of our hypnosis sessions are crafted by an experienced hypnotherapist (meet Janet!) who has helped hundreds of clients find success, so you are getting the very best self hypnosis available.

30-day Guarantee

To put your mind at ease, on the off-chance you've given it your all (and have checked off the conditions Janet listed above–welcoming change, fully committing, and listening regularly), contact us within 30 days for your money back (one order per customer). 



money-back guarantee

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