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Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Losing weight can be as easy as pressing "play"

Oprah once said that overweight people carry their problems on the outside and she was right!

That's why people diet, lose weight and then gain it back again- the underlying reasons to gain or hold onto the weight need to be addressed. And that's where hypnosis can help!

A new diet or app won't eliminate subconscious sabotage. Hypnosis for weight loss is the key to addressing the underlying reasons, to melt fat for good, and to stop dreading the changing room.

Does Weight Loss Hypnosis Work?

Yes, absolutely hypnosis can help people lose weight!

Here are some studies on hypnosis + weight loss medically researched:

In a study published in June 2022, researchers concluded that "hypnosis and self-hypnosis can significantly improve the deep mechanisms of eating behaviors and seem to have a beneficial effect on weight loss" - nearly 70% of their study participants improved their food impulsivity.1

And this 2014 study worked with 60 obese women, and found that those who practiced hypnobehavioral therapy lost weight and improved their eating habits and body image. Read more here.

1 - Hypnosis reduces food impulsivity in patients with obesity and high levels of disinhibition: HYPNODIET randomized controlled clinical trial

Smoothies after workout

Get the benefit of thousands of hours of successful clinical hypnosis experience
in one 30-minute recording

In working with hundreds of clients over thousands of hours in her practice, Master Hypnotist, Janet Nahirniak, M.Sc., has uncovered key insights into the top subconscious hurdles to weight loss.

In this download, she has distilled those insights into
one powerful audio session that specifically targets and eliminates the hurdles that keep people from losing weight. It's like a concentrated, no-filler, super-charged hypnosis session tailored for weight loss.

Buy now to get Instant Access to this guided hypnosis session
custom-made to induce weight loss


Healthy Weight,
Healthy You: Hypnosis for Weight Loss

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How will this hypnotherapy for weight loss download help?

This audio recording takes you on an unhurried journey to a place of deep relaxation where you harness the power of the subconscious mind to:

  • get stronger resolve and willpower

  • help you see, feel and create the body you've always wanted 

  • achieve effortless weight loss

  • improve your health and confidence

"The results are still with me, and the insights I gained have made me a wiser man."

- Peter R.

This download can help you change your story. Download, listen, and start losing weight now! 

Lose weight with hypnotherapy & gain health

The best weight loss strategies, tips, plans, treatments or approaches can only help so much if something in the subconscious mind is holding you back. For a weight loss plan to work, there needs to be an overall shift in your subconscious first.

Working with a traditional therapist to address inner sabotage can help, but it can take thousands of dollars and be incredibly difficult to schedule around around the rest of your life.

With this weight-loss hypnosis download, it's like having a clinical hypnotherapist on call and ready to help whenever you have time.

"One session gave me more results than traditional cognitive psychotherapy in a long run."

- Leva R.

Harness the power of hypnotherapy and unlock weight loss now

100% no-risk money back guarantee

 (Terms & conditions)


Healthy Weight,
Healthy You


Audio format: MP3 | Compatibility: all devices (how to listen)

Why will hypnosis help? Why not an app?

Talk with your doctor about what specific approach is best for you, but ultimately any treatment is only as effective as your subconscious allows it to be. The problem isn't necessarily with:

  • Weight loss tips, weight loss treatments or weight loss plans

  • Willpower or weight loss efforts

  • Diet

The problem isn't always the weight loss approach, the diet, or the app. The mental health and subconscious aspects of weight loss are significant, and often overlooked, factors in success. That's why the success rate of those online apps varies so much person to person– do they just need to make habit changes? Or are there subconscious hurdles that need to be addressed first?

Frequently Asked  Questions

How do downloadable guided hypnosis sessions work?

Hypnosis works by re-wiring your inner voice so you can take back control. Simply find a quiet time and place (preferably first thing in the morning, or last thing at night), close your eyes... and listen. Once a day. 30 minutes. For lasting change, listen for 19 days.

How do I access the session file to download?

After purchase, you'll see a button to save the hypnosis MP3 immediately. You'll also get an email with the link to download the file. Find more details (including iPhone/Android instructions) on the FAQ page.

How do I maximize my success with this download?

To answer that, here's note from Janet:

"You and I do the work together. Think of us as partners in your success, where we each have a job to do. I can’t do it alone. Your part in your success is having a willing and open spirit.

These recordings will work for you:

  • If you truly want and welcome change, and

  • If you commit and listen to the recordings repeatedly until the new behaviour is fully rooted."

Feel confident in your purchase

All hypnosis sessions are crafted by an experienced hypnotherapist (meet Janet!) who has helped hundreds of clients find success, so you are getting the very best self hypnosis available.

30-day Guarantee

To put your mind at ease, on the off-chance you've given it your all (and have checked off the conditions Janet listed above–welcoming change, fully committing, and listening regularly), contact us within 30 days for your money back (one order per customer). 



money-back guarantee

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