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Hypnosis Downloads: Self Hypnosis for Results

Achieve your goals more quickly & easily with a guided self-hypnosis download, custom-built based on thousands of hours of successful clinical hypnosis.

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These downloadable hypnosis audios support, strengthen, & speed up your results with the work you're already doing

Reach your goals more quickly with an instant access downloadable hypnosis session & finally overcome:

  • roadblocks,

  • negative self-talk,

  • nagging habits,

  • and more...once and for all!


Instant Download

Healthy Weight, Healthy You



Instant Download

Sleep Well: Hypnosis for Insomnia



Instant Download

Hypnosis for Anxiety: Unshakeable Calm


Sunset Views

Instant Download

Hypnosis for Abundance: Manifest



Instant Download

Hypnosis to Quit Smoking: Habit Free


Public Speaker

Instant Download

Hypnosis for Self-Confidence


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Instant Download

A Place of Relaxation: Free Download


Premium Downloads

MP3 Self Hypnosis Audio: The Benefits

Sometimes booking a hypnotherapist session isn't an option, in which case these self hypnosis downloads are the best hypnosis experience you'll find outside of a clinic.

What can you expect from hypnosis audio downloads?

Using hypnosis scripts developed by a professional hypnotherapist (Janet!), these recordings are based on thousands of hours of successful in-clinic sessions. The recording will guide you through calming visualization into a deeply relaxed, hypnotic state where you'll be directly in touch with your subconscious mind. Read more about how hypnosis works and other frequently asked questions.

How does audio hypnosis work?

Once hypnotized, powerful suggestions will target the root cause of the issue to reprogram your unconscious mind to induce the desired behaviour change or outcome. Get results and achieve your goals in the comfort of your own home by listening once a day for 19 days in a row (and that's backed by a 30-day money back guarantee).

For more complex issues (or more support), book an in-person session.

In-person sessions are most effective for complex issues, as they allow the session to be tailored to the specific problem or mental block that you're ready to overcome.


Read testimonials from previous clients on how hypnotherapy improved their lives.

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