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Premium "Jump-Start" Hypnosis Downloads

"Jump-start" your success! Achieve any goal you have in mind more easily with a tailored hypnosis download.


It's not a passive process-- hypnosis isn't done to you, it's done with you. These downloadable sessions are going to support, strengthen, & speed up the work you're already doing.

Reach your goals more quickly with a "jump-start" hypnosis download & finally overcome:


  • roadblocks,

  • negative self-talk,

  • nagging habits,

  • and more...once and for all!


Breathe Easy

Smoking Cessation Hypnosis Download

This recording takes the listener to a place of deep relaxation to readily access the subconscious mind-- the place that controls our involuntary urges and actions. Positive motivations are implanted, desire to smoke is lessened and coping mechanisms are set in place to handle any residual cravings. This the time you finally quit smoking for good!

Sleep Well

Insomnia Hypnosis Download

This recording, best listened to right before sleep time, is designed to clear your over-active mind and calm your body-- head to toe. Reach relaxation unhurriedly, in a step by step manner using the top recommendations from sleep researchers world-wide and implanting positive suggestions directly into your subconscious mind.

Healthy You

Weight Loss Hypnosis Download

This recording leads you to a calm, open, receptive state of mind where strong positive body images are implanted, individualized motivation is created and coping mechanisms are firmly embedded to manage cravings and appetite and eliminate destructive behaviours.


Anti-Anxiety Hypnosis Download

This recording takes you on an unhurried journey to a place of deep relaxation: creating a safe harbour, implanting helpful coping mechanisms and establishing a positive and confident forward path. Harmful thought loops are replaced with powerful and positive self talk-- leaving the listener feeling more in control, more confident and more able to cope with everyday life.

Calm & Confident

Self-Confidence Hypnosis Download

This recording connects you directly with your subconscious, eliminating negative, unhelpful beliefs and allowing you to recognize and build a healthy and powerful self image. With consistent use, you will feel better and better about yourself! You will experience easier, faster and greater success-- seemingly effortlessly!

For more complex issues (or more support), book an in-person session.

In-person sessions are most effective for complex issues, as they allow the session to be tailored to the specific problem or mental block that you're ready to overcome.