Clinical Hypnosis Digital Downloads

Jump-start your success! Achieve any goal more easily with a hypnosis download, custom-built based on thousands of hours of successful clinical hypnosis.


It's not a passive process-- hypnosis isn't done to you, it's done with you. These downloadable sessions are going to support, strengthen, & speed up the work you're already doing.

Reach your goals more quickly with a jump-start downloadable hypnosis session & finally overcome:


  • roadblocks,

  • negative self-talk,

  • nagging habits,

  • and more...once and for all!


Breathe Easy

Smoking Cessation Hypnosis Download

Sleep Well

Insomnia Relief Hypnosis Download

Public Speaker

Confident You

Self-Confidence Hypnosis Download

Unshakeable Calm

Anti-Anxiety Hypnosis Download

Healthy You

Weight Loss Hypnosis Download

For more complex issues (or more support), book an in-person session.

In-person sessions are most effective for complex issues, as they allow the session to be tailored to the specific problem or mental block that you're ready to overcome.

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