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  • to Overcome limiting beliefs, 

  • Triumph over problems, and

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through Clinical Hypnosis with compassionate Master Hypnotherapist, Janet Nahirniak

Clinical Hypnotherapy

With hypnotherapy, you can finally win those battles you've been fighting for so long. Weight loss, anxiety, trauma, IBS, insomnia: it hasn't been a fair fight. You haven't been fighting your willpower, resolve, self control or determination– the battle's been with the subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind doesn't want to change because it feels quite comfortable and safe as-is... and unfortunately, you can't create meaningful change without its consent. But! Working with a Clinical Hypnotherapist put you directly in touch with your subconscious mind. Through that direct connection, blocks or negative beliefs and thought patterns can be quickly and effectively removed... for good!


Hypnotherapy in the Greater Edmonton Area

To get the best and fastest results, or to tackle complex issues, one-on-one appointments are the best approach. In-office appointments mean an approach that's tailored and specific to you and your needs.

Jump-Start Hypnosis Downloads

Based off of years of successes with clients, these premium downloadable hypnosis sessions address common hurdles & will guide you through your journey with the flexibility and comfort of a session in your own home.

You can accomplish remarkable things! 


"I was looking for an alternative therapy during a challenging time in my life. Janet is very professional, knowledgeable yet very carrying and efficient hypnotherapist. She takes pride in what she does and she gives you a warm feeling that she is there for you. One session gave me more results than traditional cognitive psychotherapy in a long run. I'd highly recommend Triumph Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy services if you're looking for self improvement in a safe and non judgmental environment with effective results. Janet, you rock!"


—  Leva R.

Lose weight, treat anxiety, IBS & more with clinical hypnotherapy services
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